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Your solid technology partner

Agileness and curiosity is what distinguishes us among the rest. The foundation of our expertise in multiple areas is based on a track record of successfully completed projects of various scale.

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, we bring you an access to a high-quality, dynamic and cost-effective market of talent. This gives your organization the flexibility it demands in todays ever changing universe, and allows you to scale at glance.

The openness, the experience and the talent we bring is a what determines success of your business endeavors.

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Research & Development

Explore the opportunities which the world around brings, validate the ideas with minimal upfront cost, and release products which will generate new sources of revenue for your business.

Software Engineering

Benefit from the cutting edge technologies and the best talents to materialize your biggest ambitions. Utilize agile approach to validate the outcomes early, incorporate the feedback and keep your cost under control.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud computing minimizes the upfront costs to start new undertakings, reduces time to market still securing the most demanding resilience requirements, and brings a nearly unlimited elasticity your marketing campaigns demand.

Data Analytics

In times of ubiquitous global competition, those business thrive which have the right tools to to make the best decisions possible. Collect the data your operations produce, extract valuable insights, and take the conscious actions to grow and win the competition.

Internet of Things

With a wide adoption of 5G, connected devices and Internet of Things will be the next big topic in the years to come. Smart home appliances, cars, accessories, will open a multi-billion dollar market of services and subscriptions. Be among the first to explore the opportunities, conquer the new markets and skyrocket your business.


Whether you like to break into the fast-growing stock of crypto currency, or benefit from the decentralized nature of distributed ledger technology, we will support your audacious ideas with our strong technical background.


Our specialists worked for big name corporations, including:

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